Sampling Instructions


Soil Sampling

  • Using a soil probe, spade, or trowel, and a clean plastic pail, sample in a zigzag fashion throughout a uniform area.
  • Take a representative sampling of the soil in the area you are testing, 15-20 subsamples.
  • Sampling depths are as follows:
    Field Soils - 8 inches
    Garden Soils - 6 to 8 inches
    Lawn - 3 inches below turf
  • Combine all samples into the plastic pail and mix thoroughly. Fill a soil sample box with the sample, or package about a pint of soil.
  • Fill out an information form and send it in with the soil sample to the soil testing lab.

Additional Information

Please see "Sampling Soils for Fertilizer and Lime Recommendations" by Darryl D.Warncke, available at your county MSU Extension office.


Plant Sampling

Plant tissue sampling guide